Let’s talk vaping tech

Here’s something I didn’t think I’d review, but when I came across it, I realised there’s good tech in the world of vaping now. The vaping equipment you can now find on today’s market has decent features, many choices that can suit you, just like mobile technology has plenty too.

Today I’ll start it of with the Innokin Cool Fire 4. More so the amethyst/pink varient that I have had the pleasure of using for a good number of days now. I’ll only make this blog about the vaporiser itself as there’s actually plenty to talk about that with it alone, but for the record I have used it with an Innokin iSub in a similar colour with a 4ml capacity and 0hm. I’d like to say, wow! This piece of equipment vapes well, big clouds and big hits. I’ve started out on the pencil looking type when vaping first came about, they didn’t do so well for me and I kept smoking. Now however on equipment like this giving me hits like the Cool Fire 4 does, I just don’t want to smoke.

This equipment works really well for anyone serious about quitting smoking. And it certainly looks the part too. Its unique shaping makes gripping the device easy as pie and the grip is aided by the very nice looking brushed metal design. The colour options are plentiful including: red, silver, purple, blue, black and amethyst/pink. Yes plenty to choose from and they all look great.

Some of the features included are useful and they’re the type I never thought would be incorporated into vaping but hey, tech right?! Some of these include the good old on and off switch, passthrough charging (ability to use whilst it is on charge). Green, amber and red power indicator within the vape button, 6w-40w option in 0.5w increments and details within the led display. 

The on and off switch I’d like to think has importance, especially when we keep hearing of vape mods and pens exploding. To cut the power off entirely when the vape isn’t in use is probably vital rather than keeping the flow of power going. Now this is probably splitting hairs as batteries and the general insides would by now be massively improved, but better safe than sorry when tech like this is kept in your pocket often. The passthrough charging is a small feature but useful, if you’re hankering for a puff but it’s still not quite charged, don’t worry Innokin have you covered. 

Now I know it may be wierd having the colour led indicator and a battery icon on the display but at least you have no excuse about it going dead on you. I’m partial to led indicators on how much juice you have left in the device, I have it on my phone too. The usual colours are included, red is dead-ish, amber is around halfway and green is good, this is typical and everyone should know what it means easy.

Now for more detailed stuff, the led screen, it shows enough information for you. Shows the watt you’re puffing at, battery life left, resistance and voltage. It counts the time you take for each puff and total puffing time altogether, if you want to know that anyway… You can flip the entire screen so it reads from the opposite direction and adjust varies bits right from the screen using the – and + buttons underneath. I’ve never had such an experience before with just vaping and now I wish to buy one myself, maybe in blue. 

All in all this piece of kit is great in the hand with its small form factor and unique shaping. It vapes very well and is easily adjusted to suit what you like. Colour varient means you can purchase the one for you. Anyone trying to quit on the Innokin Cool Fire 4 should and would find it easy to do so, if I can then you certainly can. Hope this blog has helped even just one person to quit smoking, it’s nasty stuff.

Usually I’d link a gear site below, but with this item you’re better off googling for it (search Innokin Cool fire 4) and search for the cheaper deal, there’s so many price differences on this kit online.

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