Toshiba Satellite L50D-B-16V

Now here’s something on the larger side for me today. As in the title we have a laptop, a Toshiba Satellite. This make and model is very well known and established in the laptop world and although there’s many variants out there new and refurbed I’ll be talking specifically this one (L50D-B-16V).

Design wise this laptop is a standard hinged clamshell that folds away. The thickness isn’t there, at 23.5mm it’s actually a slim laptop. The one I’ve had the joy to use is a glossy purple colour and black trimmed, nothing spectacular but the plastic finish is surprisingly decent, black and purple really works together well. In the hands or on the lap this device feels solid and the hinges hold well, they certainly don’t let the screen shake too much unlike other laptops I’ve used. 

If/when you have peripherals or the likes to put into the laptop you have enough options to do so. On the front, next the touchpad you’ll find the full sized SD card slot, the left holds the USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet port, the charge port and finally the CD/DVD drive. On the right you’ll find 2x USB 3.0 ports (identified with the blue colouring these days), the 3.5mm headphone jack, and both a hdmi output and external monitor output. To add there’s a built in mic, HD camera, Bluetooth and wifi.

So it’s got all the tiny bits. But the internals and general use is the thing that sets laptops apart from each other, how’s this laptop? I’ll start with internal specifications, on paper this laptop seems a great device at least. The CPU is clocked at 2.0GHZ and it’s an AMD A8 6410 quad core. Not too shabby already, and that is paired with a decent 8GB RAM, and 1TB storage! So now we know, according to this it should be a great performer already, no I’m not talking gaming stuff, just computing stuff. Whether that’s media, blogging, browsing, very light games or as we are now on windows 10, then using apps. Oh I wish that was true, it seems as though with any of this, the laptop just manages, just works. With its features and specs given I won’t lie I expected it to be a very fast laptop but it is sadly not. I got the feeling I know why though and it actually isn’t because of the hardware. If I were to put a flavour of  Linux on it instead, I’m sure this toshiba would fly but windows is bugging it down. Besides that this hardware is actually very good, thumbs up to Toshiba and its Satellite range. For personal computing and light tasks though this Satellite will do what you need, on the go or at home with a decent battery life to boot. It’s the same with multitasking, it’ll do it but eventually. It is in my opinion that windows is to blame here not the device itself but my guess is with anyone that had this particular laptop it is to have a windows powered one. 

All in all the Toshiba Satellite’s pros are hardware, design, ports and usability. It’s only con is windows… well done microsoft. You make decent stylish hardware slower than it needs to be. 

Now dont get me wrong readers I have always had nothing but love for Microsoft, I’ve had plenty of devices and gaming rigs powered by windows 10. But when it comes to mid range stuff and even budget laptop/tablet hybrids, they’re really bogged down by windows 10 and its power hungry system. Sad really.

If you do fancy looking at this nice laptop well don’t forget there’s similar toshiba satellites too. I’ll include an eBay listing below of some various models. I’m sure they’re all good laptops but remember they’re running windows.

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