A look at the Apple iPad a1567

The iPad Air 2. Model number a1567 commonly known as the air 2 with WiFi AND 4g. I must admit is one hell of a way for Apple to show off what they can achieve.

Now we all know Apple has newer products out since this device but still, this iPad is overall phenomenal. The air 2 is still a strong contender in the tablet market, even if Apple have stopped listing it in its own store you can go out to a local tech store or get it online. A little honesty here, I’ve never been a big fan of Apple but within my blogs I’m going to look at their products with an open mind, really see what Apple as a company is about. 


Starting with what you see first. After unboxing this beautiful device you’ll be greeted with a super slim and stylish tablet that looks great whatever colour it comes in. This is certainly a tablet you’ll want in some sort of case to protect it from knocks and scrapes. Apple knows how to make its products look nice and feel very premium in the hand. The metal and glass construction is complimented by the solid feel and perfect slim curves. I’ve had plenty of tablets in my time, plastic and metal alike, none have felt this good or looked the part. The same goes with the rest of the Apple iPad range but today I’m just talking about this particular one.

When you first boot up this iPad, you’ll certainly notice how damn good the screen technology has got. Super bright vividness with popping colours, deep blacks and very sharp detail. This screen technology is called Retina display. It makes the pixels more pin sharp and look pleasing to the eye. The screen on the air 2 is 9.7inches, 1536×2048 pixels, giving it a 264ppi density. This doesn’t sound a lot by today’s standards but actually you need to see it to believe how great the screen is. When you’ve got over how beautiful the screen is and stopped gasping you may come across the detail. The rear camera is an 8MP iSight camera which seems a decent standard but hey it’s a tablet, you’re not buying this for an awesome camera right? And the front camera… 1.2 measly mega pixels. Come on Apple, better front cameras for your ever loved FaceTime am I right? For the price range Apple devices fall into I’d expect them to beef up the camera and speaker quality massively. But there’s no such thing as a perfect device. Now that given, it works and the iPad air 2 is still a great device. On one positive side, the air 2’s battery life is crazy good, but all of their products have fantastic battery life. But this device I’ve used keeps on going, with its whooping 7340mAh battery. It soldiers on extremely well before it needs a charge, 2/3 days later.

This particular tablet is powered by Apple’s A8x chipset and 2gb of what seems to be super fast ram. I say that because wow it’s fast, I’ve not seen anything stutter or lag on this iPad so imagine how much faster the newer ones are?! This is also partly due to Apple’s iOS but that’s for discussion after. For now the hardware powering this thing is more than strong enough to be the reason why it’s so blazingly fast. More than enough for its multitasking feature, to run heavy games and apps, and hell even the Facebook app won’t make it lag a tiny bit. 

This Apple device also comes with 4g capability, so slip in a sim card and use it literally anywhere even without WiFi connections. Bliss. Security is easy with its fingerprint reading home button which is now typical of recent iPad and iPhone, but we have all heard about hacking stories and how authorities have needed to get into a person of interest’s iPhone. We as humans do like our privacy and Apple have managed to provide it rather well across their range of current products.

With all its looks, premium materials, sleekness and minimal physical buttons, the iPad air 2 with WiFi AND 4g guarantees the superior experience and that it is always there to stay.


iOS has vastly improved through the years. From a novice perspective it may seem it hasn’t changed much, but all the small tweaks and updates made overtime has polished up the whole ecosystem Apple has on its products. The simplistic idea has certainly stayed, whereas improvements on multitasking and management has changed a fair bit. The same simple home is still at play with just icons covering the screen. This isn’t a bad thing but may seem boring to many consumers now. But other companies do this too, huawei for example, so I guess Apple have something going good there. Why would you want to bog down a fast running system with extra features that would be used just once? Apple’s streamlined iOS runs a dream and handles whatever you may throw at it. Heavy websites, ram eating apps and games, multiple apps running at once, is exactly what this device was made for.

When real Apple fans say it just works, it doesn’t just work, it works flawlessly and I’ve had plenty of devices that didn’t from the get go. It keeps working for days too with its streamlined battery management. As many people would know by now, any recent-ish Apple device comes with great support by the manufacturer and has kept it for longer than the android devices in general. Software updates, security features, online help etc, if you buy one brand new, you’re sure in knowing you’re covered pretty darn well. Unfortunately the air 2 is no longer listed on their store as stated earlier but you can easily find some decent condition air 2’s online or in local stores and still have help from Apple with it. The iPad air 2 was released October 2014 and still is receiving support by its creators, that’s good going in tech terms. Many devices drop off their manufacturers radar in this fast paced era, but I think it’s only right with the pricetags iPads and iPhones come with when brand new that Apple should support all their models, as they are doing now.

Overall Experience 

Yes the iPad air 2 a1567 comes with quite the pricetag, even now at second hand. But if you have the right amount of money and don’t mind spending it all at once on a tablet, then this is a solid all rounder as a choice. With its sleek and sexy design and fluid iOS onboard, as well as access to a plethora of apps and games you can’t go wrong here. Just protect it well, as fixes aren’t cheap and I’m sure you won’t want to ruin such a nice looking device anyway. 

It’ll keep running well for you as long as you look after it, as Apple certainly have it down to a tee. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

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