When music is life

This is my first blog post so go easy on me. Nah, that was a joke, I’ll take all the criticism in the attempt to improve myself. I aim to keep this blog to some degree a professional one, as I talk about the tech in my life and the tech that comes in the future. Hopefully an unbiased one along the way. 

Today I’m talking about the SkullCandy Hesh 2 wireless headphones. Damn, what a pair of headphones they are. They’re a good all rounder if you’re serious about music, even when travelling. 

I’ll start with what you see first, the style of them themselves. Plain black with a touch of silver/chrome is a safe bet for style and it worked well, the addition of the SkullCandy logo shows off the brand you support just right. Of course with anything black (especially smartphones) you’ll see the item will need a wipe every now and then to keep it looking good, it’s no biggie honestly. SkullCandy could have gone all out with colour on these but I don’t think these headphones would have looked better in another colour. Of course they’re on the larger side for headphones, the type to entirely cover your ears. This isn’t a bad thing at all as it helps to block out outside noise interference, especially when you’ve got your favourite tunes rocking through them, do you really want loud trucks and car horns overpowering your music? I for one hate it when that happens.

Next has to be about build quality and feel, as that’s what comes next after seeing them. I must say for what you’re paying for these particular headphones the quality is pretty great. Handling feels good, there’s a decent weight to them and even though there’s a lot of plastic, they feel solid unlike many other headphones I’ve once owned. The piece that goes over your head is rubberised and actually doesn’t need padding, the Hesh 2’s sit comfortably on your head and to support the comfort, the padding on the ear cups work a treat. You can expand the two ear cups out if you have a larger head and vice versa with satisfying clicks to know how far you need them. I’ve found having some headphones stay on your head in certain situations can be unreliable and I’ve had to pick them up off the ground, not with these though, I’ve swung my head and they’ve stayed in place enough without discomfort to my ears or head. 

I’ll finish off talking about overall experience and use. Starting off with the bluetooth features, you’ve got all the usual bits when it comes to wireless headphones. The Hesh 2’s come with volume control, skip, pause, play, and voice control through its Bluetooth connectivity. When paired with a smartphone like an android or iPhone, it works well with Google now and siri alike. Answering phone calls is a doddle and sounds more than good enough to keep them on during calls. The buttons involved are easy enough to find and use without looking, it becomes natural for your hand to simply find the large buttons. They all give a satisfying click when pressed. The battery life is a massive 15 hours long, of course if you’re not a fan of charging headphones up (hopefully nobody is that lazy) or prefer wired in general, these headphones come paired with an aux cable to be plugged into any 3.5mm output jack and you can happily use the SkullCandys without powering them up. 

Overall I’d like to say well done SkullCandy and keep it up! You make wonderful headphones and my music sounds amazing with your awesome gear. I was lucky enough to have got these at a great price in my local tesco superstore.

Gear link: SkullCandy Hesh 2 Wireless

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